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Our priority is serving our community. And you are our community

Harry Clark translation has been offering certified translation services Auckland since 1999. Since the beginning, our ultimate goal is to provide world-class translation from any language, for anyone around the world. Therefore, we have worked hard to guarantee we are fully equipped to meet all your globalisation needs. Harry Clark Translations ensures quality translation by working with only the best linguists all around the world who are assisted by top technology. So, you can only expect the best translation results. 

Metaphorically speaking, at Harry Clark Translations, we compare this industry to a river. Why? Well, it is dynamic, it is fast-moving, and every day it gets filled with new streams of ideas, and innovations. We can also consider different organizations as banks of that river. They all have their traditions, organizational cultural and structure. We believe there must be something, like a bridge, to connect these banks, and unite people by common ideas, business, language, etc. Harry Clark Translation serves as this bridge. We help build a connection between people and various establishments by allowing them to communicate in a language all can understand. This singular belief makes us and our clients’ brands stand out from the rest.

For 20+ years, we have been empowering communications for leading multinationals. Our company has quickly become one of the fastest-growing multilingual Language Service Providers (LSP) in the marketplace and the world.

We are a customer-centric organization with focus on high-quality standards and technological creativity to overcome any obstacle and ultimately add true value to any localization program.

certified translation services auckland






years in the industry

certified translation services auckland

Our Story

Delivering meaning not just words

We first embarked on this Journey in 1999 with the dream of forming bridges between different cultures and languages via a platform of effective communication through translation. This dream could not have come true without the devotion of our multilingual translator and consultant, Harry Clark. With full determination and commitment, by 2005 Harry Clark was able to turn one single-language translation office into multilingual translation office handling 100+ languages, recognised by business leaders and New Zealand government agencies. At present, the search for quality management has culminated in Harry Clark Translation becoming certified by ISO17100, and ISO 9001. We have proved ourselves as accurate, agile, and affordable translation service for anyone, anywhere. 

Today we have adopted the latest translation technologies. We have integrated TMS (Translation management systems) tools with smart cat tools to offer a world-class service. This technology tackles inefficiency in all areas of the translation process by automating the tedious work and providing quick access platforms for the important material. Similar to our vision, our drive to adopt such a technology was about maximising customer value and happiness by increasing accuracy and efficiency. Check out our technology to find out more. 

Our Vision

Language is a unifier, so le'ts make the most of it

At Harry Clark, certified translation services Auckland, our vision starts with achieving a world-class comprehensive translation service.
Harry Clark Translation is on a continuous mission to form global bridges of unity. We aim to do this by utilizing the most important tool of all, language.
With this vision carried out in more ways than one, Harry Clark Translation is fully equipped to meet all your globalisation needs. From providing you with quality translation services to operating an efficient translation process. We satisfy all.
To achieve our mission, Harry Clark Translations maintains a corporate culture based on Accuracy, Affordability and Agility (AAA). Therefore, with every translation, and with every transaction, we ensure our customers leave satisfied having fulfilled all their expectations.
We believe in our people, and our people believe in us. Therefore, helping us create an environment where language is nurtured and flourished. Unifying all types of communities, organisations, and individuals from all around the world.

certified translation services auckland

In the eyes of our customers

That’s how we are in the eyes of our loyal customers


We believe in quality and appreciate your trust.


We respect the Client’s time and deliver as fast as possibly can.


We are straightforward. We act with integrity. We deliver our promises.


We are supportive. We serve you with professionalism. We employ the latest technology for the service.


We are friendly and courteous. We serve you with passion and motivation.


In 2015, Harry Clark, became the one of the first translation offices to use the latest technology in translation as related to Computer Aided Translation (CAT) and Translation Management System (TMS)

We became one of the first offices in the region to achieve the ISO 17100:2015 for translation service, as well as ISO 9001:2015 for quality management, awarded by Austrian auditors.

Employed the first translators accredited by the Australian authorities for translation (NAATI) in the region for the Arabic and English Language.


Won the 2019 Top business of the year in its region

ISO 9001:2008 for quality service

ISO 17100:2015 for translation service

Data Security Measures

We are trusted by all New Zealand Government departments.

GDPR Compliant

Harry Clark translation is GDPR compliant to ensure all your data is protected and managed safely.

HIPAA Compliant

Harry Clark Translation puts in every effort not to harm the rights of its customers. Therefore, you can trust that we secure and protect your patient’s healthcare data as well as any protected health information.

NDA Signage

Harry Clark Translation signs NDA contract with all its employee and associates. This NDA contract protect your rights as a customer. That is, with this legal contract signed, you can trust that no information and private data will be shared or exposed to anyone apart from translation purposes. We also sign NDA contract between our clients and Harry Clark Translation so that you may have your own legal records.