Certified Certificate

Get your professional translation in less than 24hours with 100% acceptance guarantee! And more importantly, NO HIDDEN FEES!

Birth Certificate

Translate and certify your birth certificate for a fast immigration process

At Harry Clark, we understand the long and difficult immigration process. Therefore, we aim to make your immigration experience much faster and efficient by providing you with certified translation in less than 24 hours and at an exceptional rate. Harry Clark can provide you with a birth certificate translation that is officially certified and legally recognised by ALL New Zealand authorities, including NZ Immigration. Alternatively, inquire and get your translation recognised by official immigration governments in Australia (NAATI).

Police Certificate

Officially recognised, quality translation, readily delivered

At Harry Clark, we understand that a police clearance certificate is required for many reasons, whether that be for immigration purposes or employment purposes. Harry Clark can provide you fast, and efficient police clearance certificate translation at a low cost of $55. Harry Clark is certified and recognised by all government departments in New Zealand and Australia.

Marriage Certificate

Quality and certified translation at your fingertips

Get your officially certified and legally recognised Marriage Certificate translation today at low costs and fast delivery. Harry Clark translation is recognised by ALL NZ government departments, including NZ immigration. Inquire now and get it also recognised by Australia. Therefore, you can trust that you will receive your translation at the quality and certification required for any of your immigration process or any other government related activities.

Divorce Certificate

Certified translations you can trust 

Had a bad run? That’s okay, at Harry Clark, we ensure that even on your worst days, you are well looked after. Harry Clark translation is officially recognised and certified by any NZ government departments. Simply get quote now and receive your translation in only ONE working day!

Death Certificate

100% acceptance guaranteed certified translation

At Harry Clark, we guarantee 100% acceptance for any of your certified requirements. We are officially recognised by the NZ government and promise a fast, efficient and affordable translation service. Need your certificate guaranteed by more countries, Harry Clark translation is also officially recognised and certified by Australian governmental departments.

Passport / Visa

Travel faster by trusting Harry Clark Translation experts

Translate your passport, visa, or id card today, promising low costs and fast delivery. Upload your id card today and have the certified translation in your hands tomorrow, literally. Harry Clark translation is officially recognised by any NZ government departments. Simply get quote now and let’s get the ball rolling.

Other Certificate

Officially recognised certificate from any language

Can’t find what you’re looking for? don’t worry we have translated all types of certificates from all languages. Our certified translation services are accepted by any NZ and Australian officials.

Why Harry Clark Certified Translation


Q. What formats can I upload?

 A. You can upload any standard formats from PDF, PNG, and JPEG.

Q. Do I have to bring an original copy to your office?

 A. No, a scanned copy or a clear image of your certificate is all we need.

Q. What is your price?

A. Our Price is clear, one standard certificate or Driver license cost $45 and you receive it, 1 working day from payment.

Q. How fast can I get my translation?

A. Simple, 1 working day to receive a PDF copy via email

Q. How do I order?

A. A very simple process. Your first step is to click get quote now

Q. What are your payment options?

A. We have many secure options you may choose from, from PayPal, Poli, to bank transfer.

Q. What information do you need from me?

A. All we need from you is your contact details, email address to send you your soft copy, and if your translation is from a non-Latin script (English alphabet) and you wish to translate it into English, then we will also require the names spellings in English according to passport.