Certified Academic Translation

Expert translation provided by expert translators at 100% acceptance guarantee

Academic Certificate

100% acceptance guaranteed certified translation

Qualify for your dream job, college, or institute by translating your academic certificate with Harry Clark. We are an officially certified and legally recognised translation company by all government departments in NZ. Inquire now and have your id card also recognised by Australian officials. Harry Clark can provide you fast, efficient, and top-quality Academic certificate translation at a low cost of $55. So, no more waiting.

Academic Transcripts

Professional certified translations you can trust

Get your academic transcript or records translated today at the lowest cost and fastest delivery time. At Harry Clark, we understand that with poor handwriting an ‘A’ grade can easily look like an ‘F’. Therefore, by using the latest AI technology, our expert translating and reviewing team can guarantee top quality translation, so you won’t have to worry about getting your grades poorly translated. Harry Clark is officially certified and legally recognised by any NZ government departments. Inquire now and have your academic transcripts also recognised by Australian officials.

Why Harry Clark Certified Translation


Q. What formats can I upload?

 A. You can upload any standard formats from PDF, PNG, and JPEG.

Q. Do I have to bring an original copy to your office?

 A. No, a scanned copy or a clear image of your certificate is all we need.

Q. What is your price?

A. Our Price is clear, one standard certificate or Driver license cost $45 and you receive it, 1 working day from payment.

Q. How fast can I get my translation?

A. Simple, 1 working day to receive a PDF copy via email

Q. How do I order?

A. A very simple process. Your first step is to click get quote now

Q. What are your payment options?

A. We have many secure options you may choose from, from PayPal, Poli, to bank transfer.

Q. What information do you need from me?

A. All we need from you is your contact details, email address to send you your soft copy, and if your translation is from a non-Latin script (English alphabet) and you wish to translate it into English, then we will also require the names spellings in English according to passport.