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Providing technically accurate terminology and culturally fluent translation
ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 Certified

At Harry Clark Translations, we understand how rare it is to find businesses that walk the talk with regards to delivering accurate, timely and affordable services. Therefore, we as document translator take pride that our overarching scope and business goal is to ensure each user receives three benefits. That being agile, accurate, and affordable translation. We ensure that all translations include technically accurate terminology for each subject matter by using only competent translators to deliver a culturally fluent translation. As a result, ensuring accuracy. We also use top AI technology to automate the unnecessary work and therefore, ensuring agility and affordability. But most importantly we are ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 certified so you can trust that we will deliver accurate document translation services.

Document Translation

Some Document Translation we are expert in

Technical Documents

Get your documents translated by competent, technically aware, and verified linguists. We guarantee technical fluency throughout. Whether you need to translate medical, financial, engineering documents or anything else.

Marketing Material

Translate your marketing material into any language and capture audiences from all around the world. We can provide accurate and culturally fluent translation, from blogs, multilingual Surveys to Ad campaigns.

Legal Documents

Translated by technically qualified experts with elevated data security measures. We translate anything from Contracts and agreements to patents and resolutions. Providing services for all legal sectors.

Reports and Manuals

Get your reports and manuals translated by technically accurate linguist from all around the world. Our qualified linguist, supported by top technology can guarantee the most value for your money.

Product Specification & SOP’s

Translate your internal matters with Harry Clark while keeping at ease that we will deliver accurate, affordable, and agile translation while undertaking the relevant data security measures.

Everything Else

We guarantee technically accurate terminology and culturally fluent translation for all subject matter in any industry. We’ve got the resources to cater for all.

Document Translation

Some Industries we are Expert in

  • Retail and e-commerce

  • Industrial

  • Life Science

  • Professional Services

  • Technology & software

  • Digital Marketing & Advertising

  • Education

  • Automotives

  • Fashion & Cosmetics

Why Us

AI & Technology Translation

Automating the unnecessary work so that your order finishes faster and with greater efficiency

At Harry Clark Translation we want to make sure your work is translated with accuracy and efficiency. Therefore, with the help of top technology, we have created a translation workflow that calculates and analyses your documents so that our qualified translators can efficiently translate your documents. In addition, we use a sophisticated translation software that ensures accuracy every time. Therefore, we automate the unnecessary and tedious work, so our translators can focus on what is really important, delivering quality document translation service with efficiency and technical accuracy.


Create your own glossary so that we may use the specific words that align with your brand

At Harry Clark Translation we want to make sure you grow your presence with accuracy and consistency. Therefore, with the help of top technology, we have can create a glossary to help us do just that. Simply provide us with a glossary that you would like us to use during translation, and we will apply those same words and phrases. Allowing you to stay consistent in your brand communication and identity. If you don’t have your own glossary, don’t worry, with the help of our senior translators, we can create one for you. Guaranteeing consistency in branding and subject appropriate terminology. Therefore, helping you communicate the same message in all languages. 

Translation memory

At Harry Clark, we want to ensure you receive the best value for your money. This is done with the help of our Translation memory technology. This technology compares previously translated documents with the newly requested document and calculates the number of repeated sentences. That is, once the system recognizes the number of repeated sentences, it uses the exact sentence in the new translation document. Not only does this ensure consistency throughout, it also ensures affordability as we don’t charge for the recognized sentences saved in our Translation memory.


How it works

  1. Start your order
  2. Upload you document and select your language(s)
  3. Confirm your order
  4. ‘Your order is now in progress’ via human experts and top technology
  5. Your order is now assigned to a DTP specialist to ensure a mirror image of your original document
  6. Download your translation
Document Translation