Video Translation

Text extracting, spotting, memorising, translation, correction & simulation

We translate videos into over 100 languages

Harry Clark Translation provides linguistically accurate video translation and subtitling, trusted by many. We translate videos into over 100 languages and use top technology to ensure efficiency and reliability of the video translation. Whether you require translation for a news agency, a YouTube video, Marketing video, or for anything else in between, we guarantee the best verbal translation services. At Harry Clark, we support any type of video format such as MP4, MOV, AVI and many more. So, no need to stress about converting your videos. All you have to do is click upload and we will take care of the rest. Therefore, allowing you to globalize your business to anywhere around the world with ease and agility.

Video Translation
Video Translation

Types of videos we translate:

  • Marketing Videos

  • Legal Videos

  • e-learning Videos

  • YouTube Videos

  • Film/entertainment Videos

  • News report Videos

We also work with technical file formats

SubRip (.srt)

Transcript (.txt)

After Effects XML (AEPX)

Timed text (.ttml)

Avid DS Subtitle File (.txt)

Quicktime timed text (.qt.txt)

Scenarist (.scc)

MacCaption (.mcc)

Cheetah.CAP (.cap)

WebVTT (.vtt)

XML (.xml)

Spruce Subtitle File (.stl)

Why Us

AI & Technology Translation

At Harry Clark Translation we want to make sure you globalise your presence with accuracy and efficiency. Therefore, with the help of top technology, we have created a video translation workflow that analyses and converts video to text so that our qualified translators can focus on translating and reviewing your video so that they may then convert it to the desired format. Whether that is into .srt, .sub, .vtt or .sbv. Therefore, letting you continue doing the things you love more efficiently.


Translation memory

At Harry Clark, we want to ensure you receive the best value for your money. This is done with the help of our Translation memory technology. This technology compares previously translated documents with the newly requested document and calculates the number of repeated sentences. That is, once the system recognizes the number of repeated sentences, it uses the exact sentence in the new translation document. Not only does this ensure consistency throughout, it also ensures affordability as we don’t charge for the recognized sentences saved in our Translation memory.



At Harry Clark, we want to maximise your time and make your translation process as seamless and stress-free as possible. Therefore, with the help of our translation API’s we can ensure you receive your translation by having our systems do all the talking. Simply contact us now and request a translation API. Once approved, simply retrieve the translation via our unique API identifier and your good to go. Translation made simple.

How it works

  • Step 1

    Upload video or supply us with a URL

  • Step 2

    Harry Clark will get back to you with a quote within 12hours

  • Step 3 - Accept the quote and confirm

    Through the use of AI, Harry Clark transcribes video onto text

  • Step 4

    Harry Clarks dedicated and competent translators, translate the video into the desired language.

  • Step 5

    Harry Clarks dedicated reviewer, review your translation and if required, our engineering team converts the translation in .srt subtitling format

  • Step 6 - Receive

    Harry Clark Translation deliver your video translation as per scheduled.

Video Translation